Youth Association warns to remove Sarita Giri from the post of MP within seven days

The National Youth Union (NYU) has warned Sarita Giri, a member of the federal parliament and leader of the Janata Samajwadi Party, to step down from the post within a week, saying she had made statements against the national interest in the federal parliament and various media outlets.


The union has demanded the political parties concerned to recall Giri from the parliament immediately.  Similarly, it has demanded the concerned body to take legal action against such misconduct and acts.


Union coordinator Ram Prasad Sapkota Dipshikha and co-coordinator Ramesh Poudel issued a warning in a press release.


The statement said, “If the Federal Parliament Secretariat and the Janata Samajwadi Party do not take necessary legal action within a week, we would like to clarify through this statement that our organization will take this issue seriously.”  We would like to inform in advance that Sarita Giri and the party concerned will be responsible for the situation arising out of that. ‘


According to Article 5 of the Constitution of Nepal, Nepal’s independence, sovereignty, geographical integrity, national independence, self-respect, protection of the rights and interests of Nepalis, border security, economic prosperity and prosperity are defined as fundamental issues of Nepal’s national interest.  The Association has reminded Hon’ble Sarita Giri.


A statement issued by Coordinator Ram Prasad Sapkota ‘Deepshikha’ and Co-Convenor Ramesh Poudel said,  Our organization is of the view that the constitutional and moral status of representing the Nepali people has been violated by itself.