Who is Khakda Bahadur Pun ? Biography

Khabpu is laughing at the reality of comedy, highlighting the realities of life struggles through comedy.  Khatibuk’s Tita Atiq is currently spice up in comedy champagne to make Nepali citizens drown in a pit of despair.

The organic presentations he makes are often realistic experiences of his own life.

His past, unforgettable, is now looking for a brighter future.  That is where the Khadga Brahma begins again as ‘Khabpu’.

Khadga Bahadur Pun’s house is located in Jelbang Khibang, Sununhari VDC-1 in Rolpa district.  Khintashree Pun’s mother was born on February 3, 2005.

A little over a year later, Baba left Kalapar with his stepmother and mother was not alone.  Amin Khintashree Pun Magar did not spend many years alone in the herd looking at the face of his son Khadga Bahadur Pun.  Mother spent many nights alone in the sheep herd, tapping the rock into the pond.

Likely, Baba had a binding affair, but after leaving the pomegranate, Baba met him 4 years after the sword.

With the help of her birth mother, she taught up to grade 6 in Labang, a national province near the village.  From 6 th grade to 8th, Rollbang studied in Nimrod, the school is now in high esteem.  It took 2 hours from home to reach school.

After passing the 8th grade, Khadg Bahadur Sulichaur fell.  Sulichour is considered to be the center of Rolpa’s business, at which time his housekeeper would reach Sulichour in the evening after walking.  They did not know how to speak Nepali better when they came to Sulichore.

Remember, her mother still does not know and understand Nepali language. Only the pure language comes.

Sulichour’s residence was to stand on his own feet.  There he found work in the house of Sahu with difficulty, studying at work.  A brave salesman, Yuka, who was selling yarn and frizz, also worked at Ghosbanghe Lahore and Jaljala Guest House.

He had to watch about 1/4 of the Bangor in the river.  In the morning, arriving at the hotel, collecting alcoholic beverages and leftover food, fed the pigs and fed the pigs.  It took about an hour to get to school in Mizzing.

Now there is a brother in the house, two sisters, they are all studying in the village.  They are also taking care of them.  Babaama is also together.

Be deceived by your own height


His friends and brothers came to Lahore and then they also arrived at Lahahahei and reached Nepalgunj.  He did not know that the Indian Lahore should have a height of 8.5 feet.  Ghalla returned, saying that he had not reached the height from Nepalgunj, then returned to the district.

Hepai suffered a lot when he was small and small in stature.  He couldn’t find a job as a small man.  Even after reading Plus Two, he did not get any official job other than domestic work.

After all the process for the job, he has a bitter experience of not getting a job because he is low on himself in the end. A social worker’s job was opened at a poverty alleviation institution.  He even passed the interview with a job qualification, but in the end, he returned that he was a small man, unable to work in the field.  Not because of age restrictions but because of body structure when he did not get it.

Later, he worked with the district for about a year, but due to his artistic career, he went hand in hand.  He was particularly interested in artistism from an early age.  In order to survive, I had to join a job.  While he was working in the district, Eldio rejected him.  Khabpu presented a Culture Dance at the program where he was the chief guest of LDO at Libang Tudikhel for 5 years.

On the next morning, he resigned from his job after Eldio Hiralal Regmi shouted. He then borrowed and started a ‘contract book and music house’ in Libangbazar.

Extraordinary tongue connected by love

The time for correspondence has not been lost much.  During the reading, there was a wave of friendship.  At that time, he didn’t even have a mobile phone in his hand.  A commercial FM radio called ‘Radio Man


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