Viral Kamala Ghimire & Aayusha Gautam On The Same Stage

Like Kamala Ghimire, who has gone viral with live dual singing, Ayesha Gautam of Archie Baal has also taken to social media.  Kamala Ghimire was just 12 years old a few months ago but Ayusha Gautam is only eight years old so far.


Just as Kamala Ghimire used to entertain the masses, Ayusha Gautam has been found to be entertaining.  Kamla Ghimire was brought to the media for the first time by Amrit Sapkota and Krishna Dai of Indrani society was brought to the media by Ayush Gautam.


When Ayesha gave her presentation at the rainbow program, she suddenly came to a discussion  Ayesha Gautam says that she has started singing repetitive songs for the past one year.  She even told people around her that she would go viral a year later


She also said that she was ready to sing again with nationally renowned singers in Nepal.  He had also been liked by many viewers on YouTube some time ago with videos of singers including Raju Pariyar and Chhatra Shahi.


Gautam Indrani, who has been here for the last time, has gone to the place twice with the team.  Meanwhile, Kamala Ghimire went viral to schedule her show after going viral.


Just like Kamla Ghimire’s talent was liked by common Nepali brothers and sisters, we have also taken faith if Aamisha Gautam’s talent is liked by common Nepali brothers and sisters.  We want Kamala Ghimire and Ayesha Gautam’s new video to come to market


Viral Kamala Ghimire is not only popular in social networking, but also in acting. After a viral horror on a social network of cows with nectar sapkota in Tej, his popularity started to grow.  Then various media reached Kamala’s house and helped to highlight Kamal’s talent  Kamal’s video was also successful on Youtube Trending


The popularity of fearless people on social networks is slowly changing to stage  Kamala is a girl from a middle class family  Whose talent is always ahead  Three of his songs have also come into the market  The three songs have been very successful

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