This is how a sanitizer can be made at home, share it for information


If you have not been able to buy a sanitizer at the market, we will teach you how to make a sanitizer at home.  For this you need alcohol (surgical spirits which are found in medicine) glycerin, aloe vera.  If you have these ingredients you can make sanitizers at home.


Take half a cup of alcohol first.  It can be purchased at Alcohol Medical.  Now put it in a clean rent.  Take half a cup of aloe vera juice.  You can make aloe vera juice by extracting the inside of the rectum.  If the house does not have aloe vera, you can even use the aloe vera gel found in the market.  Now you have to add 1 teaspoon of glycerin to it.  Glycerin you can buy at a cosmetic shop.


After mixing all of these together properly, the house will have a sanitizer at a cheaper price.  If you like this content, you can share it and let everyone know.