The Nepalese are returning home from India


Nepalis returning home due to ‘people’s curfew’ in India since Sunday morning have been left in the middle of the road. Vehicles have been stalled due to public curfew.

Due to this, there is a complaint that Nepalese who have returned home half way through the road have had to leave.

Thousands of Nepalese are now in the closet at Mathura Bus Park, said devotee Kudmal of Doti Bogtan Fudsil Village-1. Talking to the Messenger, he said, ‘There are thousands of Nepalese shelters everywhere in Nepal.  Just, the train is not moving. ‘


Most of the Nepalese who have lost their lives are returning to Nepal with their families after years.  Including older children with younger children.  ‘You have come with the family after all the work has been closed,’ said Biraj Suji of Achham Dhakari VDC-2, ‘Here is the closet!  No food, no food, no water!  The children are hungry. ”He said that the hotels and shops near the bus park were completely closed.


Hotels and factories have been closed since March 7, when the infection of the Novel Corona virus (Covid-29) was detected in India.  The Nepalese workers working there have become unemployed.  Many living in the workplace have also become sheltered.


The hotel is closed.  Where to live  What to eat  No address  Opening hours could be over two months, ‘said Sushant Rai of Jharta Birtamod,’ so we are about to return home.  Here (Mathura) was shelved. ‘

Many young people have complained of unpaid work even after the Corona infection spread and the workplace closed.  “No salaries were paid in return, you are carrying a cargo (freight),” said Kudmal, adding, “It is very difficult to get in the middle of the road.”


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called a ‘people’s curfew’ a few days ago, addressing people in the name of countrymen.  There is confusion in India about ‘how long will the curfew last?’