The armed forces broke the grandfatherhood of the Indian SSB for years. Nepalis started farming on their land

The Indian Border Security Force (BSF) had always obstructed Laxman Pun (Magar), a local farmer of Mahakali Municipality-8, Sundernagar, while plowing his own field.

SSB jawans used to come and obstruct the farmers while they were not allowed to cultivate the fields, destroy the crops. Laxman, who had entered the field to plant winter crops four years ago, was not allowed to plow by the SSB. Last year, an Indian national planted a lentil field and destroyed it.


Recently, Ganapati Bir Singh Sahu of the Armed Police Force No. 35 Battalion, who was in charge of border security in Kanchanpur, reached the disputed area after the SSB obstructed him while he was plowing a field for kharif farming.


Sahu, commander of the Armed Police Force, Kanchanpur, who reached the disputed border area on Thursday morning, settled the border dispute with the Indian Border Security Force (BSF), people’s representatives and locals.



The long-running dispute between the two sides has been resolved through discussions with the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) Deputy Commander Mahesh Kaniyal and others.


“Now Nepalis can earn money in the eastern part of Dashjaga area,” he said. “The long-standing dispute has been resolved.”


From the middle part of the boundary pillar No. 17 to the disputed area, Nepali citizens will be able to consume it by leaving 10 meters on both sides and Indian citizens on the Indian side. Immediately after the talks, Laxman plowed his land.


Laxman, a Nepali citizen who has not been able to cultivate his own land for years, expressed happiness. “The Armed Police Force has settled my dispute for years.”



He said that now they can cultivate the land without any hindrance.  Laxman owns 2.5 acres of land near the Nepal-India border pillar.  The SSB did not allow farming and mining in the land.


Earlier, an Indian national had destroyed the crop by planting a tractor in the field last year.  Even three years ago, the Indian SSB had obstructed Laxman in Khanjot.



Laxman’s family, who have been living here since 2024 BS, are happy to be able to enjoy their motherland without any hindrance.


Mahakali Municipality people’s representatives, locals and stakeholders have praised the Armed Police Force.  Locals are happy after the dispute was resolved by the Armed Police Force in Kanchanpur.



129 of Kanchanpur bordering India.  The Armed Police Force (APF) has said that the border dispute of Sundergarh should be settled within 5 km of the border.


Soures : News24 Nepal