Petroleum Corporation Careers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Petroleum Corporation Careers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Petroleum Corporation Careers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Dubai is famous as a source of petroleum, oil, and gas. Engaged in the business for decades there is high scope of petroleum jobs in Dubai. The industry demands talented and proficient candidates who can work in a new and fast-paced environment. Since the job is risky compared to other the employees should be careful while performing the assigned job. If you are trying to study the petroleum corporation careers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE then we are here with the right article for you people. Go through the writing and gain all the useful details regarding the petroleum corporation in Dubai.

The company is dedicated to delivering a good work environment to its employees. It supports the employees to gain their full potential. Their management system allows the employees to make them able to achieve the corporate goals and develop their personal skills and abilities. Employers think that their employees are their valuable assets hence they train them to perform their daily activities safely. There are also career development activities for the staff. They provide necessary training, coaching, performance management systems, and performance appraisals for enhancing the employee’s career. Every year the petroleum corporation recruits several employees from the world. They are not concerned about different cultures, religions, nationalities, and values but they are getting benefit through the recruitment of several nations.

It lets a group of different concepts and ideas upgrade innovation for the welfare of the company. The diverse experience has benefitted the organization as they can obtain different ideas, skills, knowledge, and experience. It supports the company to generate strong and stable policies for its operation. So, joining this industry will benefit the applicants.

What does petroleum engineers do?

Petroleum engineers are generally by the company to design and develop the strategies for extracting the oil and gas from the surface of the Earth. They normally work in offices or drilling and well sites. Since there are frequent communication and meeting with other engineers, oilfield workers, and clients the engineers require traveling from place to place for business dealings. Furthermore, to become a petroleum engineer one must complete their Bachelor’s Degree in engineering. However, more preference will be given if the employees have their degrees in petroleum engineering. You can also apply for the job if you are engaged in civil, mechanical, or chemical engineering.

Duties and responsibilities of Petroleum Engineer

Every job has its own roles and responsibilities. The employers specify certain duties to be done in the given time period. Similarly, being a petroleum engineer of the corporation you will have to design the equipment that extracts the oil from the onshore and offshore of the surface. You should develop plans for drilling the oil and gas as well as recover them. It is necessary to grow the ways to inject water, chemicals, gases, and steam into the oil reserve so that more oil can be extracted. It is your duty to check the overall equipment required for oil extraction and ensure they are maintained properly incorrect manner. Likewise, being an engineer in a petroleum company you should analyze the capacity of the well for generating oil and gas.

There are different positions available in petroleum engineering. Each employee has to perform specific duty depending on their job type and level. Some types of petroleum engineering are completion engineer, drilling engineer, production engineer, and reservoir engineer. As a completion engineer, you will need to perform the good finishing properly. You should oversee the work to complete the building of the well. Furthermore, a drilling engineer should ensure safe and efficient drilling. You will require finding the right place for drilling and utilize the equipment effectively.

Additionally, a production engineer will have to monitor the potentiality of the well for producing the oil and gas. If there is less possibility of extracting oil then it is your responsibility to develop ways for enhancing the production of oil from the surface. Besides, the reservoir engineer should evaluate how much oil can be generated from the selected area. Additionally, you should study which reservoir will get the most oil and gas.

Qualities of a petroleum engineer

A good petroleum engineer should possess important qualities as they play a vital role in the production of oil and gas for the company and the nation. An efficient and hard-working employee can support the industry and support to maximize the revenue too. Since the potent workers are hired for the foreign land you will find diversity in the work environment. Hence, a worker needs to adapt to the new atmosphere and move a step together for the betterment of the industry. Moreover, we have listed some of the qualities that a petroleum engineer should possess:-

  • Analytical skills

Petroleum engineers should have analytical skills to compile a large amount of technical data and information. They should make sure that the operation runs smoothly and effectively. Therefore, it is needed to think analytically and benefit the company so that it can compete easily in the competitive market.


  • Creativity

Since every drilling site is unique, a petroleum engineer should be creative enough to build and design the machines for extracting oil and gas from the site. So, it is important to do the research of the potential sites and create advanced technology for generating oil and gas from the surface.


  • Interpersonal skills

During the operation, an engineer requires meeting with different persons to run the function efficiently. You will also have to deal with the heavy machinery and equipment. Hence, it is crucial to learn that coordination with other engineers and workers will aid in running the operation safely and smoothly.


  • Problem-solving and numerical skills

As an engineer, you should use mathematical knowledge to design and develop the extracting equipment. Moreover, you should have the ability to face the challenge that may occur during the operation. The machine may not be suitable for drilling or cannot extract the oil from the site. Hence, you must be capable to handle the situation and solve the raised problems.

What are the jobs that you can perform relating to petroleum engineering?

Choosing petroleum engineering as your career will offer you different options. You will see several jobs relating to petroleum engineering. You can select any post as per your interest and upgrade your skills working with the multi-national companies in Dubai. As Dubai is rapidly growing in its economy it welcomes more expertise for further development of the city. The extracted oil and gas is used for the nation as well as traded to different business nations. Thus, you can build your career by getting involved in a leading industry like Petroleum Corporation. Petrol, Oil, and gas are the essential needs of the people. An industry cannot function properly in the absence of such elements. Hence, the demand for engineers for such an industry is always demanding which results in job security.

Jobs relating to petroleum engineering are as follows:-

  • Chemical Engineers

A chemical engineer job relates to the proper use of chemicals, drugs, and food for production. They use the principle of chemistry, biology, math, and physics to solve the problems that rises during manufacturing. The engineer’s design processes and equipment for the large manufacturing industries. Moreover, they also test and treat the products after production.


  • Civil Engineers

The job of a civil engineer is to design, build, plan and conceive the projects related to the construction works. It can be the construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, etc. They also estimate the budget required for the construction works. Furthermore, they also provide guidance and advice to the employers regarding the building works.


  • Geological and Petroleum Technicians

The geological and petroleum technician assist the scientists and engineers in producing oil and gas, minerals, etc. Additionally, they coordinate with scientists and support them.


  • Industrial engineers

Industrial engineers manage the wastages that occur during the manufacturing activities in the industry. They also devise effective systems that integrate workers, machines, materials, and energy to produce the product and service.


  • Mechanical Engineers

It is the broadest sector in engineering. Mechanical engineer designs, develop, build and monitor the overall mechanical tools and equipment required for operation activities. Moreover, they are responsible for ensuring the proper condition of the mechanical materials and ensure to deliver quality service to the company.


  • Architectural and Engineering Managers

Such engineers work for architectural and engineering companies. They plan, direct and collaborate the activities for the companies and support for its welfare.


  • Geoscientists

Their job is to study the structure of the earth and identify the condition of the past, present, and future. They support the engineers to select the sites as they are known about the capacity of the earth’s surface.

The average salary of workers working in Petroleum Corporation

Generally, the pay scale for the workers in Petroleum Corporation is satisfactory. It depends on the post and the performance of the workers. The higher period you stay in an organization your pay scale goes on rising. Since the experience and skills that you will develop in years will add a plus point to have a higher salary compared to entry-level staff. Similarly, the employees will get free tax income which is the greatest advantage for them. The employers also provide extra pay for extra hours. We have listed the average payment for the workers of Petroleum Corporation:-

S.No. Job Title Monthly Average Salary (AED)
1. Warehouse Man 6,000
2. Production Specialist 8,500
3. Electrical Technician 10,200
4. Operation Engineer 16,000
5. Offshore Medical Doctor 18,000
6. Senior Development Engineer 25,500
7. Senior Solution Analyst 27,400
8. Enterprise Application Team Leader 28,500
9. Production Specialist 12,700
10. Process Team Leader 26,000

Available jobs in Petroleum Corporation

Due to the lack of skilled manpower, the government of Dubai permits the industries to hire ex-pats for their company. By matching the requirement of the job you can apply for the desired post. To enter Dubai for work you must have an offer letter from the employer. You can also land in the city through a tourist or visit visa but there is no guarantee that you will find a job during the period of the visa. Hence, it is better to find the employer first then only apply for the job. Additionally, it will benefit you if you research the company and the employer before you arrive at your destiny. It is vital to study the rules and laws of the city prior so that there won’t come any obstacles during your stay.

The list of the latest jobs in petroleum corporation in Dubai is mentioned below:-

  • Analyst Project and Portfolio Management
  • CTES Sales Engineer
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Tanker Broker
  • Gas Plant Operator
  • Drilling/Workover Superintendent
  • CNC Machine Operator
  • Corporate Safety And Security Professional
  • BDM Petroleum
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Project Control Engineer
  • Marketing/ Sales Executive
  • Senior Maintenance Engineer
  • Maintenance Planning Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Senior Technician
  • Mechanics

Thus, it depends upon your qualities to select the job and apply for the available post. You should focus on your interest so that you can easily adapt to the new work environment. So, this writing is helpful to understand Petroleum Corporation Careers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE. Besides, working in petroleum will upgrade your performance.

Conclusion for Petroleum Corporation Careers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

In summary, we can conclude that there are many opportunities that you can grab if you are potent enough. Moreover, the employers also provide employee benefits to the workers that motivate and encourage them to enhance their work performance. Dubai welcomes and respects every nationality as there are the majority of ex-pats living and working there. The majority of Muslim people have made the city very strict regarding the rules and laws. You will have to understand their culture as well as respect their religion.

Deciding on moving to Dubai for career upliftment is a good choice. You can increase your living standard and boost up your knowledge by joining multi-national companies. Therefore, you will need to prepare yourself first before getting registered for the occupation. Do required preparation and step forward to achieve your career goals. You may also fail on your first try but you must not lose your hope and try until you get success. Hence, take proper steps and be aware of the frauds that exist in this market.

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