Mukunde again wrote such stats, saying that India should fix the boundaries.

In Nepal, the issue of such a border dispute has become very serious.  In the meantime, Mukunde Ghimire Mukunde, who has been presenting his views on contemporary issues, is coming to criticism and debate on social networks.  Mukunde’s post on social networks is currently under discussion.  See what Mukunde wrote: See his similar stats.

Nunbesar of the Panchayat, who is nowhere near the border, is a royalist bloomer with hair, Mahendra, his master, gave the kalapani to India by installment.

To what extent did people’s fears of India double?  Who’s sad about seeing the Indian Army in Kalapani?  Should I set up a commission to study it?  A neighbor like God should not be afraid of India, his patience should not fail, like the great Hindustan and Holy Hindu state mothers.

Our father used to give the goat herd and grapefruit leaf fodder during the break, and later in the decade, the brother gave the nourishing gharlee to his father, while the mother of India gave the dowry to Mahakali, the daughter of Nepal.

India may instead replace the entire Motihari district of Bihar with Nepal, but there is no possibility of returning the Kalapani fort, which is vital for the safety of its 40 million people.

Christopher Columbus discovered America, many are now digging dive plates for America, India discovered a remote Kalapani and set up a military camp, and now some Nepalese are begging for Kalapani’s red carpet with the help of the Bhirpakha.

Here the people who run the government through blockade in the setting became reverse nationalists, foreigners pursuing mass killings were republicans, those who occupied the party by dissolving the Congress of BP Girija became democrats;

Instead, India has given Nepal a new prime minister, but never returns to the urgent Kalapani fort. Prime Minister Oli is resigning to Ishwar Pokhrel due to his complicated health.

With millions of Ugandan Muslims in our secular shared India, a large number of faceless Mongolians, and countless Dalits of consciousness, this part of Nepal is made up of separate states of Pakistan, Muslims in the west, Bhutan in the east and Hindus in the north.

When the decades come, the children rejoice over it, fear of India when Lipulek talks, many nationalists are free on Saturday, the other day, the servant is reluctant to breathe, Facebook’s aerial nationalism disappears in the air, instead of tapping nationalism in the courtyard.


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