Kamla’s second foreign trip to Australia: invitations from abroad

About 3,4 months ago, Kamala came to know about Australia and German. Context is Kalika FM  Kamala Ghimire, Raju Pariyar, and Robin Lamichhane, along with the annual celebration of Kolkata FM.  And TB  Earlier in the annual festival of Kalika.

At that time, Kamala Ghimire was also widely liked by Nepali people through social networking.  Calling is scary.

His father is in the hands of his mother not to take Kamalani overseas. ”  But as time went on, however, Kamala’s children gradually moved to Australia and Germany.  Instead, some time ago, Kamala and Raju Pariyar went to a concert in Dubai to celebrate a foreign New Year.

In the program, Kamala and Raju Pariyar double-cow.  More than 1 million darshas have been seen from the various mediums this afternoon.  Raju Pariyar and Kamla will be surrounded by the event organized by the Lok Dual Foundation in Australia.

Kamla is sure to go to Australia in a month to come. Speaking to the media, Raju Pariyar said that he would like to inform Kamala that he would give double-time millionaires, including word choice, to repeat his singing.

Amrit Sapkota has a big hand in making Kamala Ghimire appear on social networks like this.  Kamala’s 6 Gitas have come to the market