Kamala Lai Bara Mahotsav Ma Yate Thulo Samman: Lagaeyo Paisa Ko Mala (Watch Video)

Viral Kamala Ghimire has not spoken to various music programs in the country. The songs that Kamala has acted in and his voice has already been discussed. Despite the record of two songs in the voice of Kamala, Nepali has been able to warm the music market.  Likewise, Kamla, along with her studies, has been doing stage work at various musical programs in different parts of the country.


Kamala and Dhakaram Poudel were hot on the sidelines of the program at Simara in Bara yesterday while Kamala was honored.  Thousands of spectators were present to hear Kamala’s repetition. Kamla has already sung a couple of songs with Raju Pariyar and other artists who have already been in the fame.  See it a fun afternoon.


From the young age of Kamala Ghimire, everyone likes the art and tone of repetitive art.  Likewise, Kamala Ghimire, who has double-sung with this already well-known artist and has acted in the market, has earned a lot of buzz.  The first song has been viewed more than 100 million times since choosing the tea and other songs have been well positioned.


Watch the video: