For the first time, a video of a corona victim was tortured, 39-year-old Tara said – piercing the glass in the chest, breathing is like fighting a war

Health desk.  39-year-old Tara Jane is fighting the Corona virus at Hillington Hospital in London.  He says, it seems that the glass is piercing in the lungs.  Breathing feels like fighting a war.  It is a very scary experience, I do not want to face it again.  Tara has shared a video from the hospital’s ICU.  In which he has mentioned the current situation.

Ibuprofen worsens

Tara told DailyMail, My lungs are piercing glass.  It is difficult for me to tell how I am fighting the battle to breathe.  This is all very scary.  Five days ago I was brought by ambulance to the hospital.  According to Tara, about a week before Tara complained of a chest infection, she was advised to take the antibiotics ibuprofen and paracetamol.  She says I think ibuprofen has made the corona virus even more deadly.

6 liters of oxygen a day was needed

Tara fighting Corona made a video in the ICU itself.  Sent it to my friends through WhatsApp and requested to be cautious.  According to Tara, I have catheters placed in my body in the ICU, due to which I am breathing.  Earlier I needed about 6 liters of oxygen in a day, now the situation is improving and currently I am taking one liter of oxygen.

People are requested to give up cigarettes

According to Tara, the present situation is 10 times better than the previous situation.  We have given up thinking about how many more days it will take.  Every person who smokes cigarettes should leave it now, I request that you do not let this situation happen.  My body is fighting this problem, you guys should also take care.

Previously feared pneumonia

Tara lives in the northwestern part of London.  The situation worsened when she returned from Poland with her husband and two daughters.  11 days ago he took his medical advice, which revealed pneumonia.  His condition worsened last week.  The corona virus was confirmed in a repeat test and placed in the ICU.

Corona is holding youngsters too

Tara says, I have two more people with me in the ICU.  His age is around 50 years.  I have shared the video so that I can tell that Coronavirus is also capturing the youth.  Here doctors and nurses are constantly working tirelessly, taking necessary precautions.  Face masks are out in the hospital.  The nurse has the face covered with plastic instead of a mask.

Isolating is the only way to protect

Before the transition, Tara says, I used to deny caution.  After the transition my thinking has changed.  People need to understand that it is necessary to isolate themselves, this is the only way to avoid the corona virus.  Two weeks ago I should have followed the instructions of the government.  You all need to be serious too.