Food, medicine and vegetable shops can be opened at certain times


Lockdown is not a curfew, but stores of essential ingredients like food, medicine and vegetables will be open at certain times.  In such a situation, the Ministry of Home Affairs may even impose a curfew if security is challenged.  In addition to security, people are ‘locked in’ to prevent traffic.  According to the Curfew Local Administration Act, CDOs may be led by the District Security Committee.


The government has locked in a nationwide lockdown from Tuesday to the 18th of April.  The government has closed the country from 6 am to 18 am on Wednesday, 11 am to take precautions after seeing a 19-year-old girl from France who was exposed to the Corona virus (Covid-19) infection.


In case of lockdown, it has been decided to buy medicines and food items.  Food and vegetable shops can be operated at certain times.  Lockdown has some more flexibility than curfew.  Essential service vehicles can be operated with permission in both cases.


Employees working in the area of ​​urgent service will be able to use vehicles.  This includes health, safety vehicles.  Food, water, milk, electricity, telecommunication, information and communication, customs, quarantine and garbage workers get to work.  In this case, other government offices of urgent service will be opened.


On Monday, the government decided that anyone who disobeys the order issued pursuant to Article (1) of the Transition Disease Act will be punished according to the same act.  The Act stipulates imprisonment for up to six months or fine up to Rs.


Similarly, a person who disobeys the government rules is imprisoned for 1 month or fined up to Rs 100 or both. According to this Act, the central government and the state government decide to lockdown.  According to the same Act, lockdown has been decided.