Corona Infected Youth Interview Exited from Teku Hospital, See How Her Condition?


In Nepal, 5 people have been infected with the Novel Coronavirus (Covid 19). The first person has returned home after being healed, and 4 others are in treatment.  One of them is Ur Bahadur Tamang of Dhading.

She becomes the third Corona infected person.  The government had hidden his identity.  Although the government has hidden the personal identity of everyone infected with Covid 19.  Even the government had to take a day to make the information public.  However, it is mysterious why the government hid itself while the public was preparing to disclose the infection itself.

Ur Bahadur Tamang, who is home to Ward No. 3 Semjong of Debjong Village, a youth infected with Corona, has expressed confidence that he will return home within a few days.

Sudeep Biswakarma of Diopost has contacted and interviewed him.  Ur Bahadur, who is at Isolation of Shukraj Raj Tropical and Infectious Diseases Hospital in Teku, capital of the capital, has decided to recover from his disease. Here is an edited description of the conversation with them.

How do you do now ?

I’m Ur Bahadur Tamang.  I am being treated at Techu Hospital after a corona virus infection.  My health is pretty good right now.  Coughing up a lot was a bit of a problem.  Doctors have changed the drug.  It’s a little easier.  Four to five hours is still going well.  I’ve eaten garlic that has been burned.  It was good to eat it.  It is fine all day long at night.

What was the first symptom?

In the beginning it was lazy.  Sleepiness was also felt.  There was also a dry cough.  There was a slight fever.  I thought coming from Dubai was exhausting.  It’s been a little uncomfortable in the 2 days since I got there.  Uncle Auntie told you to go to the hospital.  The man from France said he was sorry for Corona.  Corona infection was confirmed at the hospital.

Where did you go from the airport?

I went to the hotel  I am staying at Tanahun Guest House in Basundhara.  I have not met anyone since the district of Dhading.  There was nothing to see at the hotel.

What about having a party at a hotel?

This was 10 months ago when I returned from Saudi Arabia to party with some friends.  However, now I have not met anyone since coming from Dubai.  When I was ill, how to give a party, and when the hotelier realized that he was spreading this noise.  Everything in the news is wrong.

Didn’t find anyone at the hotel?

I met Uncle and Auntie at the hotel.  I was given chocolates.  I came to the place where I was staying.  They were not tested for corona virus infection.  I met a brother.  I feel like I have a bath because I have a bath in cold water.  I also ate buffalo meat.  It was a little scary.  That’s where I got into trouble.  Uncle Kant suggested staying in Quarantine.

Are you upset when Corona is confirmed?

After getting a test done at the hospital, it came out that you had a corona infection in your blood.  Then I fell like a rope.  Already the fever was coming.  But, after Corona, what an experience it was!  Right now I’m fine.

Are you feeling coughing?

Yes, the cough seems a little stiff.  It’s been a little less than four or five hours.

How did the airport arrive?

I came to tax.  I just stayed at Tanhun Hotel next to Southwestern College.  It has been reported that there is no problem with the hotel.  No need to panic.

Isn’t your Uncle Auntie infected?

I understand.  They have not seen infection.

Are the babies you meet safe?

I told him by phone.  You and I were in bed together.  I see Corona.  Don’t stay with family.  He told me nothing.  But where do I say that?  Think about the future of the family.

Your identity is kept secret by the government.  Should we go public?

It doesn’t matter  Include all of my name photos.  I’ve told the doctor before.  My home is Dhading District.  Netravati Debjong Village Ward No. 1 is Semjong.  I thought I’d write the status myself.  Then everyone started shouting.  I wanted to write.  Because of the wrong news everywhere, I want

I did not know the Nepali date.  I came to Nepal from Dubai on March 19th.  I landed in Nepal at 10.30 pm on the same day as Nepali time.

How often was your disease tested?

I stayed at the hotel for 2 days.  I was rushed to the hospital shortly.  Let’s see what happens now.

How have the doctor nurses been in touch with you?

They are safe.  They do not come to us. Treat from the outside.  Drugs are sprayed from the machine remotely. They should also be aware.

Who has spent the treatment?

There was no message about this.  The government has come to hear the saying. Have not said anything

Who is in your family?

Mother is father and brother.  You are in the village.  They also found out.

What does the family say?

No drug was detected for this disease. Your own morale has to be adjusted.  I have the motivation that I live.  On the first day everyone’s phone came and was surprised.  Their voices were also tense. That is not the case now.