Consolidated Contractors Careers Opening in Dubai 2021

Consolidated Contractors Careers Opening in Dubai 2021

Consolidated Contractors Careers Opening in Dubai 2021

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There are numerous firms established in Dubai. In every sector, Dubai is making effort to step ahead as compared to other gulf nations. Similarly, in the sector of construction also Dubai is successful to lead the industries relating to it. Consolidated Contractor is one of the largest firms in the Middle East under the construction sector. It was founded in 1952 and is known as the first Arab private construction industry. It is related to oil and gas, heavy civil engineering, water, air, and effluent systems. Thus, if you are trying to learn about the consolidated contractors careers opening in Dubai 2021 then here is the right article for you.

Having the ability to employ more than 100,000 people from the world the company deals with different construction services. Moreover, by joining the industry you will have the opportunity to work in a diverse environment with a cross-cultural workforce. Since the company believes in inequality all the employees either they are newly hired or have greater experience working there are equally treated. It means there are no biases or favoritism between the employees. As the employees from 85 nationalities and 40 countries are involved you will find cultural diversity in the workplace. Moreover, the consolidated contractor has done many international projects like Nile Corniche Project in Cairo, Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, Hamad International Airport in Qatar, Muscat International Airport, etc.

Thus, if you are planning to get employment in Consolidated Contractors then you will have to apply first and receive the permission letter from the employer. Besides, you will be eligible to shift and work in Dubai only after receiving the offer letter. So, do proper preparation and study the job properly before heading to the dream destination.

Why join Consolidated Contractor in Dubai?

oil and gas jobs

As the industry is more concerned about their employee’s various benefits are provided to them. The employees are the greatest assets of the company hence the employer’s respect, value, and appreciation for their achievements. It is the second home for all the employees. Furthermore, it is not only the workplace but also the home which expects that the employees also understand their culture and act as the member of the family. They do have the record that the employees are engaged with them for 12 years. This has proved that the organizations really motivate and encourage the staffs for enhancing their work performance as well as upgrade their skills.

Some reasons to work in Consolidated Contractors Careers Opening in Dubai 2021 are as follows:-

  • Workforce diversity

Dubai welcomes millions of people from worldwide. Due to the tough competition in the market, employers prefer hiring talented and skilled foreign workers for their industry. As the foreigners are well-trained and possess enough skills required by the job there is a provision of recruiting the staffs from a foreign land. Furthermore, due to the inflow of people from different nations they belong to different nationalities, religions, and cultures. Hence, you will have the chance to deal with and work in a multi-cultural environment. Besides you can also gain the knowledge and understand about various cultures working with the people from the world.


  • International Exposure

Consolidated Contractor is an international firm that has a strong connection with many international markets and organizations. Moreover, it has lots of its branches in different locations of the foreign nations. It allows the employees to learn the skills internationally. As there will be a team of international people everyone has their own specialty and when they work as a team there is certainly the exchange of ideas and opinions as well as the skills. Thus, one can teach another the related skills and work independently to achieve the targeted goals of the business.


  • Training and development

Every organization wants to make its employees more competitive than other competitors. Hence, to add more support to their performance the employers conduct several training and development programs for their employees. Similarly, such training let them upgrade their knowledge and skills and help them to perform the assigned work on time accurately and correctly. The courses are selected and offered to the needy employees for their development. Additionally, various companies are in link with a consolidated contractor that offers specialized training opportunity to the employees and let them grow professionally.

How do companies recruit employees?

Recruitment refers to the selection of the candidates for the vacant post published by the company. There is a vacancy in an organization as the workload rises and there is a requirement for efficient manpower. Furthermore, the recruiting department uses various recruiting processes for choosing the right employee for the announced post. Since the attitude of the employee may create a negative environment in the company they need to choose the potent and capable employee.

Moreover, employers also have to pay a high amount for hiring employees from a foreign country. But as Dubai lacks skilled manpower the recruiting is essential for the development of the city. Hence, the hiring managers follow different steps and hire a potential employee. Here we have listed some of the recruiting steps followed by the employers while offering a job to the applicants:-

  • Passive recruiting

Under this recruiting, the employers post the new vacancies on their company website. Since this the recruitment passively they wait to the applicants to find out the vacancy and get the applications. They usually do not need to do anything as they will be receiving piles of applications from the job seekers. Hence, they select the potent application and perform further process after shortlisting the capable candidates from the crowd.


  • Active recruiting

In this recruitment, the hiring department actively participates in finding the right employee through the posting of job openings on different sites. They post the recruitment details on their websites, other external sites, organizes job fares, job portals, and even employees to announce the vacancy through the social channels. Although they obtain numbers of applications through this process they wish to recruit the right candidate for the right post.


  • Job portals

You will find lots of online job sites that publish the vacancies of top and large companies. Likewise, these portals announce open positions on their web pages so that the job seekers can easily find them and get their name register through the application. Moreover, the employees can create their professional profile on their page. You will require making a relevant and attractive job profile so that the employers will spend their precious time reading your profile and also get in contact with you if they find the things they are looking for in a candidate.


  • Job search engines

Finding the job through job search engines is an effective process for getting recruitment in desired company. Although the job search engines search the jobs automatically when connecting with the internet the employers use it to hire the applicants directly. If you want to get the recruitment through this method then it is necessary to have the knowledge of search engines that seeks the latest jobs in Dubai or any other nation.


  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the popular online job portals which allow you to create your profile on their page. It helps employers to find the right candidate for the published job. Similarly, LinkedIn’s Recruiting Solutions enables the recruiting companies to easily source candidates. It also assists in sharing and advertising the jobs and create company career pages to attract talents. Hence, the job hunters can easily find jobs through LinkedIn and also follow the companies to get the details of the latest job openings.


  • Referrals

The employers tend to select the applicants who have referrals in advance. It means having the reference from someone or employees of other company reflect their experience and qualifications. Furthermore, it will be easier to get the job if you have got a reference letter as a plus point while submitting your applications. So, it will be beneficial if you collect more referees and move your step towards your destiny.


  • Social recruiting

The use of Facebook and Twitter supports the employers to hire the employee through social channels. As at present everyone is familiar with the social sites and every company has their Facebook or Twitter account where they post their company’s vacancies. Likewise, using these sites one can connect with the company and follow the recruiting process. Matching all the skills and abilities the applicants list their names and send the required documents to the recruiters. Hence, it is the easiest way of getting employed in foreign companies.

Consolidated Contractors Careers Opening in Dubai 2021

With the advancement in technology and competition, more and more industries are emerging in the world. There is tough competition among the industries. Hence, to cope with the rising challenges numerous employees are recruited by the companies. Since the support of the expertise plays a vital role in the sustainability of the firm, the employers hire capable and reliable employees so that they can contribute effectively to the development of the company and the city.

Some available jobs in consolidated contractors industries are as follows:-

  • Automation Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Document Controller
  • Draftsman
  • HR Administrator
  • Legal Advisor
  • Material Engineer
  • Planning Manager
  • Foreman
  • Surveyor
  • Software Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Architect
  • Estimation Engineer
  • HSE Coordinator
  • Design Manager
  • Cost Control Manager
  • Insurance Officer
  • Senior Accountant
  • Site Supervisor
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • QC Inspector
  • Plant Superintendent
  • Graphics Developer
  • Geomatics Engineer
  • Chargehand
  • Administrative Assistant


What is the pay scale of the workers in Consolidated Contractors?

Generally, the pay scale of the workers working in a consolidated contractor is very good. However, the increment of the salary depends on the experience and the work performance of the employees. Likewise, the workers are also paid for doing the extra hours as per the requirement of the company. There is also flexibility in the work schedule. You may have to work in any schedule as instructed. Additionally, it also aids you to understand the working environment of different shifts.

The average pay scales of the employees in consolidated contractors are as follows:-

S.No. Job Title Average Salary(AED)
1. Account Clerk 3,800
2. Cad Draftsman 4,300
3. Secretary Department 4,500
4. Security Engineer 4,800
5. Chief Accountant 5,000
6. Document Controller 5,000
7. Material Expeditor 6,100
8. Sr. Data Entry Operator 7,000
9. Secretary 5,500
10. Site Civil Foreman 4,500

 Conclusion for consolidated contractors careers opening in Dubai 2021

In summary, we can say that Dubai offers lots of opportunities to potential candidates. If you’re skilled enough and have the ability to adapt to a new environment heading your journey to Dubai will be the right choice. Similarly, having the majority of foreigners won’t let you feel alone there. You will get a multi-cultural environment where you can easily find good friends and mentors.

So, do the necessary preparation before heading on your journey and get the goal of your life. Furthermore, Dubai also offers different employee benefits to their employees. Being an employee of Dubai’s companies will be a benefit for you as these facilities are fantastic. You will get motivated and enhance your working power or efforts. Thus, you will require to stay focus on your aim and stay determined for the accomplishment of your objectives. Never lose your hope if in case you suffer from failure. As we know failure makes our success so take everything positively and try hard to obtain the career goals.

 Therefore, grab every opportunity and let shine yourself in the crowd of people. However, you will need to do very hard labor but being positive even in negative conditions will build up your confidence level. Hence, you should keep in mind and utilize every possible way to gain career objectives.

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