A village in Nepal where boys are not found, young women

There is also a village in Nepal.  Where young women are not able to have a marriage when they do not have a boy.  This is surprising to hear about the remote villages of Gorkha.  Big 6 Nyakki’s youngest Gurung reached 29 years old.  Neither does he talk about getting married at home, nor does anyone propose to get her married.  Her passion has not yet come.


‘There are no boys in the village, not only myself, but many girls in our village have not got married, their hair has blossomed without getting married,’ said Gurung.  There are about 45 married couples of similar age in the same village of Dhirghar, located in Nayak, in Gorakha district of northern Gorkha.  The locals say that there is no marriage of the young women after marriage, after leaving the village for education, employment and employment.

‘I didn’t even teach a class, I was sitting at home, sitting in the grass, who would not know me, who would marry me,’ said local Devani Gurung.  She is now 35 years old but has not been married.  ‘In the neighborhood, there are not many married people in the same house, I am old, there are still many girls of recent marriage age.’


Devani now lives in a hotel on the side of the Manaslu highway.  Now, it seems that he has decided to marry her.  ‘Lugin Juren, do not write in karma,’ she said, ‘who does not like to get married!’ There are many with me and the rest of the younger ones.  After her mother’s death six years ago, she left home emotionally.


She has a hotel business in Peva without any knowledge of farming and housekeeping. Nayak’s locals still keep her son in town and her daughter in the village.  Some do not teach their daughter.  Many young people have not been married when they went to the city for employment.  There are now a large number of women and unmarried women in the village.  Young people from elsewhere do not have enough youth to get married.


Challenge of the Muslim community’s tradition of marriage in Bangladesh A teenager has gone viral on social networks after taking a ‘birth’ to marry a boy he likes and goes to the bride’s house.


It has intensified the debate on the violation of women’s rights in the name of tradition.


According to local media reports, Khajidah Khost had taken hundreds of births and reached the house of Tariqul Islam.  The marriage took place on Saturday in Meherpur, a western rural district of Bangladesh.


Although Muslim traditions are considered more fanatical than other traditions, the wedding ceremony in Asian country has received worldwide discussion through social media.  Happiness is a reversal of established belief around the world.


“Yes, traditionally this is unusual.  But, I started a new trend, with the intention of letting other siblings know how to put it into practice, “said Khushi.


According to Islam, who is the bride of the bride, this use was made with family and friends.


Islam said, “We have introduced a new trend with the aim of ending gender discrimination for equal rights among men.  It was accepted by our family and society. ”


I am convinced that our marriage has given a new message that a man can do what a woman can do.


After the wedding, their wedding photos and videos have surfaced online and on social networks.  This has triggered a heated debate about the new practice of marriage on the social network.


The country, which has a population of 167 million Muslims, has become the main news of Bangladesh’s media with traditional Muslim values ​​of marriage.


On the Bengali daily Prothom Alo’s website, author Saddak Hasan writes of marriage, “Of course this is big news in our culture and culture.”  Other authors and journals have also described the incident as a different practice.


Some newspapers have printed it with special importance.  Some teenagers have praised the excitement, saying, “She is a brave woman.  I want to marry a woman like him. ”


Similarly, some have criticized the incident, saying it will have a negative impact o